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Fri, 15/12/23 | 10:52 am
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Hello stranger. Speaking here is Lapis Lazuli / Hàn Lam (Thạch) / Hàn Nhật Nguyệt / Thánh Thú Xanh Lè / Sereroro Apopika/ future possible names unknown. Everything you may need to know about me can be found at my profile.

This LJ is friends-locked. Please either contact me by the links above, or comment to this post before you add me, I'll add you back highly likely. Either way, plz let me know who you are when adding.

Most of the entries here are written in English, but I'm Vietnamese inside out. As long as you can speak either language, you're free to add me ^ ^ (and please do~~)

All of my translations can be found at loversnsouls (as if anyone will be interested :P).

Well, that's all! Wish you a nice day, hope I'll see you around <3

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Sleepy Flower


from: soritt
date: Wed, 21/7/10 01:05 pm (UTC)
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Thấy nick bạn quen quen và có lẽ là đã gặp ở cái conference nào đó với bạn tara là lý do tớ add bạn .

Vậy thôi xD

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Lapis Lazuli


from: lapislazulivn
date: Wed, 21/7/10 01:09 pm (UTC)
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Welcome :D
Btw, Y!ID của bạn là gì? Bởi chỉ nhìn LJ username của bạn thì mình ko nhận ra bạn là ai ' '

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