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The dreams in which I'm fangirling are the best I ever had

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Thu, 31/3/11 | 11:32 pm
feeling: highhigh
listening to: Trust Me - Drrr! ED1

Reality is such a pain. Those of us who were fed up with that kind of reality decided to remake it. We’d set up a partition, separate what’s important to us from what was trash, put only the things we loved on our side, and got rid of the rest.
It wasn’t that bad once we started! We found that we could make a world completely out of moe, tsundere, and boy’s love! It was an incredible discovery! That's the only way to do a good job of seperating fiction from reality.
- That fujoshi in Durarara! anime ep 20 -

Then if you don't mind, please look back at the title of this post :))

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